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Getting medical care in Italy

In order to take advantage of the services offered by the Italian National Health Service (SSN - National Health Service), a citizen residing in one of the other Member States of the European Union can make use of the regulatory provisions in force in Italy (Directive 24/2011/EU and Social Security Regulations nr. 883/04 and 987/09).
Necessary and urgent care
In the event that a citizen of the European Union, during a stay in Italy, needs to receive necessary and urgent care, without therefore being able to wait for the return to his/her own State, he/she can go to any public or private healthcare centre affiliated with the SSN and exhibit the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC; in Italian: TEAM – European Health Insurance Card). Pursuant to the Regulations, health services will be offered to him/her free of charge without advance costs.
Necessary and urgent care can also be provided at Italian private facilities, and not only at public ones or at those affiliated with the SSN, again by means of presenting the TEAM / EHIC, pursuant to Directive 24/2011/EU, but with anticipation of costs by the citizen and subsequent reimbursement by his/her own State.
Planned treatments
It is possible to plan and book a health service in Italy at any public, private affiliated with the SSN or private healthcare centre.
Depending on each Member States’ legislation, citizens who wish to receive medical care in an Italian healthcare centre - be it public, private affiliated with the SSN or public - have two different options:

  • ask for a special prior authorization from your State and subsequently book and receive free healthcare services;
  • book directly and take advantage of the service, anticipating the costs and subsequently requesting a refund from your state.

It is recommended for the purpose of reimbursement of costs, to check with one’s health institution whether or not a prior authorisation is required before traveling to Italy and receiving a healthcare service.

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