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Book visits and exams


The local health authorities (hereinafter “ASL”, widely used acronym of Local Health Authority) and hospitals have different methods to make the booking of visits and tests as well as for collecting results, based on the type of the required service and their organization. Below you can find general information useful to make visits and tests and collect reports. It should nevertheless be considered that this is only a first general information, as services may vary, in their number and/or in the access methods, depending on the single ASL main methods for booking visits and exams: this information, although common to the various companies, is indicative:this information, although common to the various companies, is indicative.

For your visit or test you will need:

  • the request from the A.S.L. doctor, drawn up on the NHS prescription;
  • the tax code or the new health card (European Health Insurance Card – T.E.A.M. Card).

Some services may be exempt from booking and may also be exempted from the request of the PCP. To find out in detail the services you can access directly, you are encouraged to visit the page dedicated to booking visits and tests of the specific ASL, on the web link you can find on the Transparency Portal.

Visits and tests can be booked:

  • by telephone, via regional call center (Sovracup) or company telephone booking center (C.U.P.);
  • in person, at the booking centers distributed throughout the area (C.U.P.), directly at the service or at Municipalities, Pharmacies and Residential Facilities for which the exam and specialist visit booking service is active;
  • online, through specific portals organized at regional level, accessible through different types of credentials, such as, for example, SPID credentials (Public Digital Identity System) which allows citizens to access online services of the PA with a single digital identity; Health Card with National Services Card (TS-CNS); Credentials issued by the regional system at the counters specially activated in all the healthcare companies of the Region; Electronic Identity Card – CIE.

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