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It is the institutional portal created to provide the user with easy-to-access healthcare information, simple, useful and quality.

This tool helps to bring the Public Administration closer to the citizen because it increases the level of transparency of communication, facilitates the user knowledge of the healthcare offer, responds to regulatory principles of subjective right of total access to information and promotes the efficiency and quality of the Regional Health Systems. 

Implementing body of the PNRR Project "Portal of Transparency" is theNational Agency for Regional Health Services (AGENAS) which operates with the support of Steering Committee including representatives of Regions and Autonomous Provinces and some Professional associations who have made available the skills, experiences and knowledge of local levels, useful for the management and implementation of the project. A group of international experts composes the High level Advisory Board which provides examples of good practices that have actually implemented projects of this type in other countries.

It is made in French and German to protect linguistic diversity and also in English in order to facilitate usability for foreign citizens in compliance with the Directive 2011/24/EU concerning the application of patients' rights in cross-border healthcare. 

It is aimed at all citizens, with the aim of offering these a new access to the topic of health in a qualified and qualifying way, ensuring the necessary integration between the different sources of information already existing at national, regional and local level.

The portal is an information-oriented tool promotion of the 21 regional health systems, with a view to transparency, communication and information, culture, ethics, integrity and legality in the Public Administration.
The Portal makes it possible to identify some indicators (relating to programmable interventions) specific to healthcare facilities, which can help citizens find answers to their treatment needs. In fact, it is possible to search through a highly usable map, setting the distance in kilometers or the region/province/municipality of interest and checking the information relating to each structure found.
The portal is connected to all the regional health sites and provides a complete picture of information, from the description of a disorder/disease to "how to" book a service. It is a valid support, which does not intend to replace the trusted doctor, but who provides useful information on hospital and territorial assistance

Yes, the page is available Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. To access it, simply click on the relevant social network icon at the top right of the Portal homepage.

No, if there is a translation, the flag symbol of the relevant country will be present next to the preview of the content. It's enough click on the flag of your preferred language (present in the drop-down menu) to view thepreview of the “How to” in the selected language.

From the page of "Find your provider” it is possible to select the intervention of interest from a predefined list relating to local and hospital assistance

From the submenu "Obtain exemptions and concessions” present in the drop-down menu “How to"you can check the exemptions you are entitled to and consult the Ministry of Health databases via the link "Exemption for chronic or rare disease and how to obtain it“.

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It is possible to find this information by accessing the item "Collect your medical reports” of the menu “How to” and clicking on the link “CHECK HOW TO COLLECT REPORTS ON YOUR COMPANY WEBSITE”. From the page that opens, then select the Region to view the companies present in it. Click on the respective link to view the website of the selected company and obtain information about the collection of the clinical report.

It is possible to do this by accessing the item "Lodge personal complaints” of the menu “How to”. In particular, from this section and clicking on the link “CHECK HOW TO SUBMIT REPORTS AND COMPLAINTS ON YOUR COMPANY WEBSITE You can check how to submit reports and complaints on your company's website and search for the Public Relations Office (URP) .

Under the heading "My portal” of the menu, scrolling down to the “Write us” the e-mail address is available to write to the Portal, while at the top right by clicking on the "Agenas” you will be able to view the addresses of the headquarters Agenas.

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